Around the world in 8 days

As many of you know, I am a keen traveller. Last year I had 280 travelling days. To date I have visited 164 countries.

So I have an interest in everything related to travel, like e.g; airports, hotels, airlines, places to see, travel advise, borders formalities, local restaurants, football stadiums, local beer brands and many other things. 

CNN star reporter, Richard Quest has for the CNN Business Traveller Magazine done a ‘Around-the-world-in-8-days’ show, using only budget airlines and low cost carriers…

The show is very amusing. Quest has a theory that it is possible to start using the  low cost carriers so he circled the globe on budget airlines trying to examine if the extra cost going with the established business airlines are worth the extra cost or not. 

Quest is a personality and if you can stand his charatectistic loud voice, the show is really worth watching. For travel nerds like me, having been almost everywhere, it is extremely fun to watch this experiment. 
Quest is using ten budget airlines in eight days for one journey. What is the result and his evaluation? Watch the show here (click the link): CNN Around the world in 8 days