The Swedish Pandemic Approach: Now we know the results

Sweden had a pandemic strategy that stood out and was in the centre of international attention during the global Covid-19 pandemic.

Many countries found the Swedish approach provocative, being implemented without lock-downs and keeping the public system (including schools) and social society – restaurants, shops etc – open. Instead using voluntary measures like social distencing.

There were a lot of international critisism in the international press and from other countries, claiming that Sweden had higher death tolls from this strategy and that it was an irresponsible way to handle a pandemic.

The main reason for this different strategy was that the covid-19 mitigation in Sweden was handled by the expert agency, the Swedish Health Agency. The agency is run by experts with experience from major international health crises.

Now there is well-deserved audit feedback for the Swedish Public Health Agency and its Director General during the pandemic, Doctor Anders Tegnell. Anders Tegnell was state epidemiologist in Sweden between 2013 and 2022.

”Sweden’s excess mortality during the pandemic proves to be the lowest in the EU and the Nordics”

Sweden’s excess mortality during the pandemic proves to be the lowest in the EU and the Nordics, according to new international statistics. “Mortality is not the only answer, we were looking at well established knowledge and curved. We concentrated on the long term effects” says Anders Tegnell in a major interview about the pandemic and face masks, “And I don’t like the word revenge”.

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