I do a lot of lectures, masterclasses, speeches and presentations every year, in many different forums.

I am form believer in learning and reading, and I have in my academic research work done a lot of studying around my field of expertise. B

eing a Doctor of Education (Honoris Causa) I also see it as my duty to share my findingd and to motivate others to do the same. In parallel with doing work in my professionaö sectors customs, blrders and internationalbtrade policy – I have also done a lot of work around eladership and management. Soon mynuodated edition of my leadership book, ’When Elephants Fly – They haven’t landed yet’ will be available. The world has changed, multiple times – and what has changed in ten years in relation to leadership in our field.

I have a number of own experiences from my leadership and management career on all levels to share and I also want to share what has inspired me. One thing I have always believed in is passion.

To be a good leader you need to be pSsionate about what you do, your team and the organization you work for. We need to share the purpose and value of our mission.

Sometimes I go back and watch the American well-known business leader Steve Balmer from the moment when he made his first aplearnace after takkng over from the founder Bill Gates as new CEO for Microsoft, see the video above.

ou could argue that he is puttimg on a show in a critical moment for his company – but I know that he really wasn’t. This is Steve Balmer being himself and it is his version of passionate leadership. Most importantly, it worked. It wouldn’t in allm organizations, but here it was a just genious.