Back in Brazil

So I have entered the eye of hurricane. Rio de Janeiro, one of the most beautiful cities in the world has gone mad. It is the fever of the Olympic games that has arrived. 

The Olympic Symbol at Copacabana

I am back in Brazil for work. The meetings take place in one of my favourite cities, Rio. Now let’s be honest, it is normally not one of the easiest cities to get around in logisticly speaking. During the Olympics? Well, it is not easier than normal. 

In Rio I met a friend of mine, Patrick Ekwall, who works as host for a Swedish Olympic Television show

However I am impressed how well organized the games actually are, especially taking into account the present political situation and all the problems leading up to the games. The reason? Brazilians are just great people. And they are very proud. So they make it work. I love Brazil and the Brazilian people. 

At the Temple of Football

Even though I haven’t had time due to work to see many of the competitions, naturally all bars, restaurants, streets are filled with television sets and happy people warching the games. 

The mighty Maracana Stadium

And I managed to go to Maracana – the temple of football – to see the Olympic soccer final for women, when Sweden got a silver medal after 1-2 towards giants Germany. 

“Maracana is the best football stadium in the world. It is magic”.

I also saw some of the Mens’ Trithlon competition just outside my hotel door on Avenida Atlantica by Copacabana. 

Olympic Triathlon race at the streets of Rio de Janeiro

Also security has been great so far. Especially taking into account that RJ isn’t the safest city in the world normally, however this is more related to safety than security. 

The immigration controls worked perfectly at the airports and the organization of security in the city has been better than expected. No major incidents so far – let’s pray that it stays that way. And make sure that it does.