Day 3 of WCO Council

So Day 3 of the World Customs Organizations’ annual global assembly has started. This is a meeting that has been effected by the security sitiuation and tragic events taking place in different parts of the world, making the world taking place in the council around setting global standards for trade, the global supply chain and global security. 

Some of the key topics for the meeting included e-commerce, security and counter-terrorism, Customs-Police cooperation, Customs-Tax cooperation, and the Revenue Package Phase III Action Plan.  
It has also so far a lively meeting. We have in addition to the ordinary business also had lenghtly and very colorful discussions about a new Governence proposal for the organization, to make WCO more transparent in the future. 

Today we will have the formal discussion of the Governence and administration, including decision making, votes and elections. This will be a very interesting day. 

There will be a vote about a new governence package and a modernization proposal of the organization, an always sensitive matter in a international global institution.