The Boss is back

Bruce Springsteen is in Sweden this weekend. He and his legendary E Street Band played at Ullevi Stadium in Gothenburg yesterday and they do another show tomorrow.

Springsteen is a great friendnof Sweden, this was were he played his forst show outside USA inbthe 70s and there has always been a special bond between Brice and my country. Swedish people love the Boss. 

Yesterday at the first concert Springsteen and his band played 38 songs during 3 hours 58 minutes. Amazing. 

On July 23rd Bruce Springsteen will return to Sweden for a third concert on The River-tour. Then I will be there for my 22nd Springsteen concert. 

There is nobody in the entire business worklng so hard to offer an unbeliveable show and concert experience. I am looking forward to this show.