Sweden in the center of EU Trade

The European Union (EU) Trade Commissioner is from Sweden. Cecilia Malmström is a Swedish politician who has served as European Commissioner for Trade since 2014. 

She previously served as European Commissioner for Home Affairs (2010 to 2014). 
Cecilia Malmström is a very experienced Swedish politician that has spent seventeen years working in the EU trade environment. She started as a member of the European Parliament in 1999. In 2006 she was opinted Swedish Minister for EU Affairs, before being appointed European Commissioner in 2010.

Now she is in charge of trade, and thus the free trade agreement between the EU and the US, called the Transatlantic Trade and Investement Partnership (TTIP). 

As Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström has pursued an ambitious trade agenda for the benefit of the general public, small and medium-sized businesses and the entire EU economy.