The UK Home Secretary launches a new Border Security Command

UK Government, new Home Secretary Yvette Coope, launches a new Border Security Command to manage the border.

Rapid recruitment for an exceptional leader used to working in complex and challenging environments, for example, at senior levels of policing, intelligence or the military, will kick off tomorrow (Monday 8 July), with the new recruit expected to take up their post in the coming weeks.

Reporting directly to the Home Secretary, the Border Security Commander will provide strategic direction to work across agencies, drawing together the work of the National Crime Agency (NCA), intelligence agencies, police, Immigration Enforcement and Border Force, to better protect our borders and go after the smuggling gangs facilitating small boat crossings.

Following the Home Secretary’s instruction, a core team in the Home Office is establishing the remit, governance and strategic direction of the new command.

New legislation and resources will be deployed.

The Home Secretary in her announcement stressed the need to break the business model of the criminal smuggling gangs, going after their ability to communicate, move people across Europe and their profit.

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