Reading is life

A good book. Is there anything better? I love to read. I have always been reading. More and more over the years, every morning & every evening.

I read when I travel, & having visted 174 countries to date, it has been a journey with many books.

Personally I don’t listen to books, I read them. I want to turn the pages to see what is next, I go back & forward to check things, to reflect on things while reading. I guess we are all different as people, but I love to create my own image of what I read.

I read a mix of professional business books, leadership & management litterature, biographies, fiction & crime novels. For me reading different types of books is important. I often read two books of different kind in parallel.

Some of my favourite fiction writers are Don Winslow, Dennis Lehane & Anders Roslund.

For me reading is about learning, learning is life & life is learning. When I was a child I lived in a house without books, but I was fortunate since my best friend from the age of four (when I learned to read), was living in a house where they rented out a few rooms to the public library of our small hometown. I was there every day.

I always carry a book with me when travelling (or really several books). One book that I always have in my carry-on is ’For the Living and the Dead’ by the poet & thinker, Tomas Tranströmer – who won the Nobel Prize in Literature 2011

All members of my family are readers. My oldest daughter, who reads even more than me, is the reading almost hundred books a year. It is naturally not a contest, she just loves to read. Even though she is a grown up woman now, I haven’t seen her without a book since she was really young.

I can only recommend everybody to make time to read. There is a world on pages open for us.

Sometimes, in my case often, the universe of litterature makes our daily life a better place.