Robot dogs and AI inspectors prepare to transform US border security

U.S. Customs and Border Protection partners with Pangiam for AI-driven border security, introducing robot dogs and AI inspectors.

U.S. customs and Border Protection (CBP) recently awarded Pangiam, a leading trade and travel technology company, a prime contract for developing and implementing Anomaly Detection Algorithms (ADA).

Pangiam in collaboration with West Virginia University, aims to bring cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI), computer vision, and machine learning expertise to enhance CBP’s border and national security missions, the company announced in a press release.

In May, Pangiam launched Pangiam Bridge an AI-driven global solution for customs authorities. This innovation allows customs officials to automate baggage, conveyances, and container inspection processes.

Andrew Meehan, Pangiam Bridge Lead, emphasized CBP’s strategic approach in adopting AI technologies, stating, “CBP has taken a thoughtful and dynamic approach toward leveraging AI to fulfill its border and national security missions.”