Now Brexit really starts

Today the new post-Brexit UK Border Operational Model kicks in after a 11 months delay. Border Management will be handled according to the legislation and formal customs procedures.

UK will now apply similar controls as the EU has done from day one of Brexit.

This means that UK importers will have to:

a) complete and clear customs declarations in ‘real time’ when importing; so no 175 day deferral period, and

b) for animal products register them on IPAFFs, the UK food import register.

Some controls at the UK border are still phased in, (see the pictures below).

Another important change is the application of the ’Rules of the Origin’ principles for trade between EU and UK (just like trade with ROW).

During 2021 UK businesses had to comply with ‘rules of origin’ in line with the TCA (FTA) signed between the two parties last Christmas, but could self declare their goods were ‘originating’ and so could enter tariff-free, without having the underlying documents actually to hand, since it is often difficult for suppliers to prove it on complex products.

From January 1st UK and EU exporters will still self-declare their goods qualify, but they will need to have the supporting documents when importing. Failure to be able to demonstrate if goods qualify, when challenged by customs authorities, means that tariffs on goods will have to be paid.

Media has stated that many UK companies are not prepared for these changes. It is time to find out of they are.

Source: FT