International Workers’ Day

“A working Class Hero is something to be”.  Today is International workes day, May 1st. All around the world workers marches the streets and fiery speeches are given in the defence of workers and the working class. It is still necessary. In some places. Almost everywhere. A well functioning labour market is depending on fair rules and regulations, otherwise it will not work. There are a lot of research supporting that. 

My father was a working class man. He worked with his hands, a self-made man who could anything. He always worked. Also on May 1st. Maybe not always for somebody else, many times he worked for himself and his family on May 1. He just liked to work. He was a hard worker. Even though his hard work made it possible for me to do the journey through the classes – I have followed his work ethics. I always work. I believe walking the talk. To do what you say. I learned that if tou want to go places, nobody will ask you to come or bring you along. You have to do it yourself through hard work.  Or as John Lennon said: “If you want to be a working class hero just follow me”.