The XXXI Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is over. It was good games.

Sweden ended up in 26th place of all participating countries with eleven medals, two gold, six silver and three bronze medals. Not so bad for a country with 9,5 million citizens. Even though we have had better games 

The two gold medals was won by swimmer Sarah Sjöström and mountainbiker Jenny Rissveds. 

Overall the Swedish female athletes did very well in the Olympics in comparison with the swedish male team. 

Girlpower – Women rule!

At the international airport of Rio de Janeiro (GIG) I did run into the Swedish national team in soccer, that won the Olympic silver medal at a heroic performance in the final against Germany at Maracana yesterday. 

I was there and watched the team play a really good game. 

I asked the coach Pia Sundhage how she and the team experienced the game. She said that they really felt that they were close and could have won the gold medals. I agree. 

I also got a chance to talk to the best Swedish player of the tournament, goal keeper Hedvig Lindahl. 

Hedvig saved Sweden in the penalty shoot-out both in the quarterfinal against tournment favourists and reigning Olympic champions United States and in the semifinal against the favourite home team from Brazil. 

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has arrived to England. People has noticed…

Ibrahimovic has played four games for his new club Manchester United and he has score five goals so far. An overhead kick goal in his first game against Galatasaray. Then Zlatan scored the 2-1 winner in the Community Shield final against Leichester. 

Last week he score another goal in the Premiere League win 3-1 against Bournemouth away.

Yesterday Ibra scored both goals in his premiere at home at Old Trafford – the Theathre of Dreams – when Manchester United won 2-0 against the last season league number six, Southampton. 

The first goal on a magnificiant header and the second on a penalty. In total three goals in two league games. 

What is most amazing to me is that English media is surprised that Ibra is dominating also the Premiere League. People said, he is too old, he will not be able to handle the more physical game in England. This was naturally totally crazy. 

Ibrahimovic has dominated the leagues in Netherlands, Italy, Spain and France before. He has scored everywhere. He has now been involved in 53 goals in his last 32 league games (41 Goals, 12 Assists). He has 31 titles in five coubtries. He has won the league 12 out of the last 14 seasons. 

He is not too old. As he said himself in a commercial, “I am just warming up”. 

The creadible journalist Martin Samuel – who used to be a Zlatan-critic, writes in Daily Mail that there is a new sheriff in town.

“Rooney lives in Zlatan’s world now. And in Zlatan’s world only one man gets to take the penalties. Here’s a clue: it’s not Wayne Rooney”.

Yesterday the most expensive football player ever Paul Pogba made his first appearence in his new club. The result was outstanding. 

With Ibrahimovic and Pogba in the team Manchester United will be dangerous both in the Premiere League and UEFA Europe League.