The latest news says that 319 MPs are on board for the deal, with 312 against.

This will be a thriller. Tomorrow we will know.

MPs are tlmorrow in the House of Commons to be faced with the choice of voting for Boris Johnson’s new deal with the EU, including the completely new Northern Ireland Protocol. here is the view of Shanker Singham on why MPs should vote for the new deal.

You can read the full article here: Why MPs should vote for Boris Johnson’s deal

Shanker Singham chairs the Technical Panel of Prosperity UK’s Alternative Arrangements Commission. He is is the CEO of Competere, head of Trade at the Centre for Economics and Business Research, a senior advisor to Huntsworth and Grayling, and Director of the International Trade and Competition Unit at the Institute of Economic Affairs. He is the author of a General Theory of Trade and Competition; Trade Liberalisation and Competitive Markets and a frequent speaker, author and commentator.

Source: Brexit Central