A Monday like never before

Hello Monday. A new day, a new week. The future is ahead of us. I like Mondays.

Started early with my alarm on 3.30am. Time is too short to sleep long hours. In the car by 04.15am. At the airport 05.00am. Managed to get a flat tire passing the bridge. Just because.

I was on the first plane out of Copenhagen Airport. The 0600am ‘early bird’ to Paris. I often am. I like that flight.

In France before 8am. Two telecons/meetings in Challes de Gaulle Airport. I don’t particulary like this airport though. In fact it is one of the worst. Hopeless for transferring. However, so big that you can’t avoid it.

Now on the plane to Sao Paulo, planning the week and making presentations for speeches later this week in South America.

I have done it before, but it is also a new day. A Monday like no one before.

What will it bring? Monday, my old friend. New challenges? New problems? New solutions? I am eager to find out. 15 hours from now I will be in another country on another continent.

At Guarulhos Airport in Sao Paulo I will open my smart phone and find 70-80 new e-mails from today. From all around the world. Always exiting.

A world to save. Every Monday. See you soon again.