78 days to Brexit: KGH can help you

78 days from now, on 31 October, United Kingdom leaves the European Union if no deal has been agreed or the article 50 has been delayed or revoked.

As a trader involved in UK-EU trade you need to be prepared. Are you prepared enough?

We in KGH are Customs/Border/Trade experts. We only work with these areas. That is what we do, our core business.

We have been involved in Brexit from the start as advisors to both European Union and UK Government.

We have also helped hundreds of companies to prepare for Brexit.

We have a wide range of services in our Brexit Package, Brexit registration support for companies to have the right registrations, permits and statuses to Customs education, Brexlt analysis, declaration services, border services, IT solutions, dury optimization and compliance. And much more.

Have a look here: KGH Brexit Package and here: UK Customs Academy

The clock is ticking fast but it is still not to late to prepare för Brexit.

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