Speaking at EuropaForum

Today I participated in EuropaForum in Hässleholm.

I was invited to speak in a panel about Brexit.

Europa Forum is a platform dedicated to discussions about Euroepan Union and Europe.

This year approximately 700 people participated in the forum and many discussions were related to eother the upcoming European Parliament elections and Brexit.

In my panel the following people debated: Per Tryding, Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce and Indusyry in Southern Sweden, Anneli Wengelin, National Board of Trade, Kenneth Persson, Swedish Customs and Jasenko Selimovic (L), MEP

Other speakers were; Hans Dahlgren Swedish Minister for European Union Affairs, Katarina Areskoug Mascarenhas, Head of EU Commission Representation in Sweden, Magnus Ranstorp Expert on Terrorism and many Swedish MEP:s and European Parliament candidates.

It was a good panel debate and many people from the audience approached afterwards with follow-up questions. Fun day.