Top 50 Container Ports

A strong trade environment in 2018 further accelerated the growth of eight of the Top 10 goal ports, along with many of the protest the made the ranking of JOC’s Top 50 Global Container ports. Shanghai kept its title as the busiest port, while transshipment hubs saw their volume decline due to carrier network adjustments spurred by new alliances. 

China and Asia dominates the list. Jebel Ali in UAE continues to grow.

Los Angeles was the only US port to move up the rankings, thanks a 6.3 percent year-over-year growth propelling it one rank up to 17th busiest global port.

The real movement in rankings took place in the middle and at the bottom of the rankings. No. 46 Tanger Med and No. 47 Vancouver rejoined the list with double-digt growth, pushing Nanjing, China, and Balboa, Panama, off the 2017 rankings. 

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