SAFE 2.0

I am really happy to learn that the World Customs Organizations SAFE WG launches discusions on SAFE 2.0. I and my old colleague Dietmar Jost from GEA, promoted this idea ”it is time for SAFE 2.0” at the final summary panel debate at the WCO 4th Global AEO Conference in Kampala, Uganda last year.

The SAFE Framework is the leading international standard regulating the international supply chain of world trade today. To date 169 countries have signed to implement SAFE today.

We really need an update of this landmark standard that first was adopted in 2005.

I had the pleasure to work on the original version in 2004-2005 and I then lead the implementation work through the Columbus programme 2006-2010.

It is time for SAFE 2.0 or even SAFE 3.0 to emerge. We need it.

Read the article here: WCO SAFE Working Group launches discussion on #AEO 2.0

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