HoC NIAC Report: ’The Northern Ireland backstop and the border’

Don’t miss the very interesting interim report from the UK Parliament, House of Commons Northern Ireland Affairs Committee.

I gave evidence to the Committee in a hearing as one of two invited Customs experts. The expert was Dutch Broker Hans Massens.

In the executive summary of the report the Committee writes:

“The Committee has also examined the availability of technical solutions or alternative arrangements for avoiding a hard border in Northern Ireland.

The balance of evidence suggests that a technical and systems based approach to keeping the land border on the island of Ireland much as it is today, far from being a ‘unicorn’, is achievable within the Implementation Period anticipated by the Withdrawal Agreement.

The principal impediment is a lack of political trust and goodwill between the negotiating parties”.

Read this intersting report if you want to know more about Brexit, the backstop, the NI/ROI and alternatoöive arrangements.

You can read the report here: CommonsNIAC, Interimreport: The Northern Ireland backstop and the border

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