An extremely important week for all of us

Theresa May said yesterday:

“European leaders tell me they worry that time is running out and that we only have one chance to get it right. My message to them is: now is the moment for us to act.”

Michel Barnier answered in a statement on Twitter,

It is extremely important that we will have a deal after the vote in the House of Commons, on Tuesday 12 March.

It is uncertain how the vote will go. I believe that we will get some clarification on the Backstop at latest on Monday, but will it be enough to get a majority for the deal in a vote?

PM Theresa May has outlined two lore votes if it is a no also in the second Meaningful Vote. So what is happening this week, see below;

This is a week that means a lot to all of us and that will define our lives for a long time. This time it is all about Customs and Trade.

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