UK Immigration White Paper issued

Read the words of the leading Border/People Movement expert in the world, my friend & colleague Tony Smith, about the UK Immigration White Paper issued yesterday.

My take on UK Immigration White Paper issued today.

An excellent platform for the UK to deliver a world class UK immigration and border system.

Electronic traveller authority for all non EU low risk visitors will be linked to e gates to enable significantly more passengers to enter via e-gates, not just EU/EEA/Swiss passport holders.

Irish citizens continue to enjoy free movement under CTA and do not need to register to stay in the UK post Brexit.

EU registration scheme now underway will be open to all EU citizens entering and staying in the UK until June 2021 (6 months after the end of the implementation period) – assuming EU withdrawal agreement is signed.

Visas to be digitised with eventual withdrawal of paper vignettes and end to end digital casework system.

Biometric registration for all workers and students including EU cits post Brexit.

New combined skilled / highly skilled migrant worker route (no cap but with skills and financial thresholds); new temporary worker scheme.

Commitment to preserve JXP in France Belgium and Netherlands on reciprocal basis.

Shift continues towards self funding model via industry rather than tax payer funded system.

Lots of hills to climb yet; but let’s hope this will deliver a UK Border fit for the future, at last.

UK Immigration White Paper

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