Time to make the deal

Bristish companies are getting increasingly worried for Brexit and according to a new study the anxiety is now at an all-time-high.

Policians and negotiators are working hard to find a way forward. Government agencies, on both sides, are working hard to prepare.

172 days to go.

The Guardian writes today that British businesses are the most anxious they have been about Brexit since the 2016 referendum, with more bosses reining in hiring and investment plans, a study has found.

Gloom over Brexit has risen, too; 79% of CFOs say they expect the long-term business environment to be worse as a result of leaving the EU, up from 75% in the second quarter of 2018. This is the third consecutive quarterly rise, to the highest level since the referendum.

For me it is important to also look at the opportunities. A smart border solution would and should not only be about damage reduction, but also building the best border process in the world. This would actually over time prove to improve trade everywhere.

Source: The Guardian

You can read the article here: Brexit anxiety for businesses ‘at highest since referendum’

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