KGH:s Lovisa Lindh runs in the semifinal of the European Championship

My KGH colleague Lovisa Lindh – KGH Global Consulting – is also a world class runner. She just qualified for semifinal in the 2018 Track’n Field European Championship in Belin today.

The 800-meter runner-up, who won a European Championship bronze medal in 2016, run on a new Swedish record last year and had nice runs in the Diamond League, but unforunately suffered a stress fracture that caused that made her to miss the World Cup and that destroyed the entire season. Now she is back in the game.

Lovisa made a comeback back in June – and today she showed that she is in good shape. Lindh’s time was 2.04.28.

“A good start. I did not think at all to be at the forefront. I do not usually run such a race, so it was useful” said Lovisa In a commernt to International Media.

Congrats Lovisa! KGH – We are always fast!

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