Here is the Brexit White Paper

Earlier today the UK Government Brexit White Paper was published. 104 pages. A document outlining the UK position the future relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union post- Brexit.

In the foreword written by PM Theresa May, she stresses that:

“In short, the proposal set out in this White Paper would honour the result of the referendum. It would deliver a principled and practical Brexit that is in our national interest, and the UK’s and the EU’s mutual interest”.

Now we will have to analyze the paper, digest it and then await the reaction from the EU.

On Customs a new Option 3, ‘The Facilitated Customs Arrangement’ (FCA). We would certaonly need to know more about this option before we know how this would work in detail. The report underlines that:

The UK and the EU should agree a new trusted trader scheme to allow firms to pay the correct tariff at the UK border without needing to engage with the repayment mechanism. This is most likely to be relevant to finished goods”.

You can read the entire report here: UK Government Brexit White Paper

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