HMRC announces new Directors General for Borders and Trade

Katherine Green and Sophie Dean, who have been job-sharing the role on an interim basis since December 2019, have been confirmed in the post.

Jim Harra, Chief Executive and First Permanent Secretary of HMRC, has today (7 May 2020) announced that Katherine Green and Sophie Dean have been confirmed in post as Directors General for Borders and Trade, a role they have held on an interim basis since December 2019.

This appointment comes after an external competition and was approved by the Prime Minister and Cabinet Secretary.

The announcement comes at a crucial time as the UK prepares to leave the transition period following our departure from the EU on 31 January. HMRC has continued to play a key role during the transition period, helping to prepare for our new relationship with the EU and rest of the world after 31 December this year.

Katherine and Sophie bring a wealth of experience and relevant skills between them to the role, having previously worked at HM Treasury (HMT) covering a variety of policy and operational roles including Budget coordination, small businesses tax, financial services, private secretary to the Chancellor, and latterly as operations director and finance director on the HMT board.

Katherine and Sophie will job-share the role, adding to HMRC’s efforts to create an inclusive and flexible working environment at all levels.

Sophie and Katherine said:

We’re delighted to take up this opportunity on a permanent basis. We know how important it is that HMRC is ready to respond to the opportunities and challenges of our new relationship with Europe and the rest of the world after December this year.

A huge amount of work has gone into preparing for the end of the transition period, and we and our team look forward to delivering for the UK.

Jim Harra, Chief Executive and First Permeant Secretary of HMRC, said:

I’m delighted to announce the appointment of Sophie and Katherine to their roles as Directors General for Borders and Trade. As you would expect, competition was tough and the standard of candidates high, so this is a great achievement.

I look forward to their continued contribution to HMRC’s Executive Committee, and to their leadership at a pivotal time for the UK and for HMRC, as we steer our way through the transition period.