Pokemon Go is everywhere

Less than two weeks after its release, Pokémon Go has become one of the most successful mobile games of all time. The Pokemon Go players are everywhere. 

Also sweden is totally consumed by this virtual game. Pokemon is a different  game since the idea is that players move around in the landscape to catch Pokemon, whoch are animated charachters. These Pokemon animals are situated everywhere in our outsode environment. You need to walk around to find them and catch them with a mobile application. 

The Pokemon and other stiff you need to play the game are attached to the geographical map and van be found in different places called Pokemon stops, it could be a park, a building, a beach or anywhere. So people need to walk around. You also need to walk to become better in different ways in the game. This is really a smart and good feature. People sitting too much inside, not doing exercise has become a major health problem today in many countries. 

Pokemon has already become a major phenomenon all around the western world. 

The augmented-reality game, which requires players to walk the streets hunting down animated creatures, has been downloaded more than fifteen million times and is already on more than ten per cent of all Android phones.

Unsurprisingly, that has investors excited about the profits the game could bring in for Nintendo, which introduced the original Pokémon twenty years ago and which now owns a stake in Niantic, the game studio that built Pokémon Go. Across a few days, Nintendo’s market capitalization rose by more than twelve billion dollars.

In Sweden you see Pokemon players everywhere. Even some Minister plays and have been on media showing their involvement in the game. On the photo above Mr. Gabriel Wikström, Swedish Minister for Health Care, Public Health and Sport, is looking for Pokemon outside the Cabinet building in central Stockholm yesterday.

I am lucky to never have been interested in games like these. So I don’t play.  However I do see how this trend is really everywhere in our society today. If so, I think it is better with games that make people healthy than the other way around. So why not – Go Pokemon Go!