Transit in Amsterdam

Yesterday I changed my route on my way from Brazil, transfering at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Instead lf going home, I went to Dubai UAE for meetings today (Sunday).

Schiphol is my favourite transit airport in Europe. It is way better than the rest. Even though they are rebuilding the airport right now and there are some constructiln wirk going on, it is still the best. When the new facilities are all in place it will be among the best airports in the world competing with Changi Interntional Airport in Singapore and KL International in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

Schipol has a smart “spider-like” construction with a center and seberal arms – all within fast walking distance from the middle center of the airport. Inbthe new clnstructions some of the terminal arms have been doubled to two levels, increasing the capacity of the airport without creating a need for time consuming transit/transfer moves.

I alwys try to go though Amsterdam when I can, since also the public commercial area (restaurants, lounges and shopping) is of highest class. This is an excellent airport recommended by me.