The Selfie King

I like selfies. I have taken and posted many. When you travel as much as I do it is always nice to take a photo of the places you have visted and seen. When you do that, is actually nice to be in the picture to demonstrate that you really were there. 

Selfie at a visit to Manhattan, United States

My many selfies has now become a gimmick and a fun thing and some of my friends has started call me the “selfie king”. This is naturally all done with a high degree of self-irony. It is not about self-promotion or anything like that. It is just one of these things in social media that has become popular. 

Well, I might take the most selfies (and maybe the best), but I was certainly not the first….

This is Paul McCartney taking a selfie in 1963.

There is only one rule for selfies and it is to not use a selfiepin. That is a non-no. Selfiepins are for amateurs (LOL). 

Some people are really selfie-crazy. At the game in the EuroCup 2016 the ither day a fan run knto the pitch to get a selfie with Portugal international Christiano Ronaldo. What did Ronaldo do? Naturally he posed for the selfie. Never miss an opportunity to look good. CR7 don’t. 

And there are other crazy people who have tried to so the same in the past, like this woman during a chanpions league game last season. 

However maybe the most amazing examples of selfies comes from photos taken in dangerous environments, like these ones. 

My personal favourite selfie is a photo taken by a NASA astronaut in space. 

So to the selfiecommunity out there – keep going, our selfies will never be forgotten since they live forever on the Internet.