Brexit could lead to EU break-up

Britain’s EU referendum could lead to the  break-up of the entire European Union”, Sweden’s foreign minister warned.

The Minister, Margot Wallstrom told BBC that a domino effect of demands for referendums and requests for preferential terms by member states could follow as a result. 

“The spill-over effect will be felt, deeply felt. It would be bad either way,” she said.

The referendum in the UK will take place on 23 June. “A no in the referendum might affect other EU member states tosay: ‘Well if they can leave, maybe we should also have referendums and maybe we should also leave”, Wallström stated.

Ms Wallström also said thst she hoped the UK would remain in the EU, underlining thst Britain is an important trading partner for Sweden,  one of Seedens closest partners in the Union and in addition that there are more than 90,000 Swedes living in the country.