Fantastic panel on the future of AEO

One of the panels on the first day plenary session of the 3rd WCO Global AEO Conference today was about the new trends and what is happening right now in the area of AEO and Trusted Trader Progammes around the world. 

I was extremly proud to note that three out of four Best Practice AEO Programmes asked to participate in this important panel are our partners and clients, namely; Australia, Brazil and United Arab Emirates (with pilot in Dubai). 

In the evening everybody was talking about this panel and the examples that were presented. I agree that these three examples brings hope to the future of AEO. They are all holistic programmes covering both compliance, security and trade facilitation. They all have new innovative benefit packages, better than all the established AEO programmes in the past. They are all designed for integration of AEO and Single Window. They are all covering other relevant border agencies maling these AEO/TTP programmes a generator of the Single Government AEO Status. And finally they are all designed for Mutual Recognition Agrements having a national AEO MRA strategy and model as the basis flr the entire programme. As the father of the AEO concept I was deeply moved and very proud hearing Linda Geddes, Jose-Carlos Araujo & Ahmed Mahboob presenting these programmes. This is wht AEO originally was meant to be about. In my mind these programmes are not only the best programmes in the world right now – they are the examples of the future. So well done WCO for inviting these