Compliance is (also) the new black! 

Customs compliance is the new black! We have talked about it for a decade already, but the last years we have seen how it works in reality on the ground. 

Today everybody wants compliance. In June KGH Education, together with ICI.BR starts a higher education programme to certify Trade Compliance Officers in Brazil. We have the opening conference and event of the new certification and compliance education programme, where I will give the Key Note Openlng Speech, on June 16 in Sao Paulo.

Customs are designing and implementing new Compliance Management models under the Authorised Economic Operator(AEO) Concept in the World Customs Organization SAFE Framework of Standards. The new AEO programmes are holistic and covering both compliance and security areas combining AEO with Trusted Trader model of WCO Revised Kyoto Convention. Many of those countries that already have AEO programmes are now in the process of updating and upgrading their programmes to AEO-TTP standard. For the moment we are helping seven countries to either design, develop and implement new AEO models or modernize and updating already operational programmes. We are champions and global market leaders on AEO, Trusted Traders and compliance management.

For private sector it is purely about common sense and good business to be compliant. Compliance is about getting better control over process, rules, competence and costs. There are studies showing that compliant companies are 20-25 % more profitable than non-compliant business. 

Compliance is king. So if you want to run a successful business related to international trade in the future, don’t miss this train. It is leaving the station and you should buy a ticket to future success right now.