Apply to be a UK Freeport customs site operator

A Freeport customs site (also known as a ‘free zone’) is a secure customs zone where normal tax and customs rules do not apply.

Freeport customs sites are run by an operator, who will be responsible for the security of the site and keeping records about goods moving in, around and out of the site.

If you want to apply to be a Freeport customs site operator, you must first have an agreement in place with the operator of the wider freeport.

You’ll need to:

  • have an EORI number – you’ll need to apply for one if you do not have one
  • demonstrate you can meet the safety and security standards in relation to the Freeport customs site – you’ll be taken through this during the application process by HMRC
  • have details of the land being used for the Freeport customs site, which may include:
    • the area of the site
    • detailed maps showing the site and entry and exit points
  • demonstrate that you meet the requirements to be a designated as a Freeport customs site operator

If you’re planning on using transit, HMRC will also take you through the application process.

If you’re planning to declare goods by conduct from temporary storage to the freeport, you’ll need to applu seperately.

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