Trust is the future

Trust is the most powerful tool in the world. Trust is hard to get & easy to lose. As Hemmingway once said – the best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them. Trust, verify, build.

The development of infrastructure & institutions based on trust is more important than ever in a turbolent globalized world where the predictability & recilience of global supply chains & integrated international value chains is key for the future.

We need to use the available compliance tools like, e.g AEO, Trusted Traders, Safe Zone etc, to build digital Safe & Trusted Trade Lanes. These new Trade Superhighways need to be inclusive, embracing existing & new economies. The trust we can create through these goods motorways fully supported by secure data trails will also become the strongest instrument to combat the underworld of globalization.

Is this a vision for a distant future? No. We are almost there. This future is coming faster than people realize. It is time to implement the next level & generation of customs & border processing. The Trade Superhighways are soon here.